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Anicka Dancy

Admin & Marketing Intern

Anicka Dancy

Anicka Dancy is our Admin & Marketing Intern at Georgia Family Therapy. She is passionate about supporting mental health and creating a positive impact in the lives of individuals seeking therapeutic support. Her role encompasses a dual focus on administrative tasks and marketing strategies, allowing her to contribute to the operation of the office while promoting mental health awareness.

As our Admin, she is responsible for welcoming clients, managing inquiries, and scheduling appointments. She is dedicated to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for clients.

On the marketing front, Anicka actively engages in developing and implementing marketing strategies to increase awareness about the therapeutic services offered at Georgia Family Therapy. This includes managing social media accounts, creating engaging content, enhancing website content, and collaborating with the team to execute marketing campaigns that resonate with our clients.

Currently Anicka is pursuing her Bachelor of Business in Digital Marketing at the University of North Georgia, anticipating graduation in the Spring 2024. She brings a fresh perspective and commitment to her learning. Her academic background equips her with the skills needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of administration and marketing here at Georgia Family Therapy.

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