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At Georgia Family Therapy, we understand the transformative power of therapy for children who have experienced trauma. With this in mind, we are proud to offer TraumaPlay™, a play therapy approach specifically designed to help children process and overcome traumatic experiences. In line with our commitment to providing a safe haven for every family member, our implementation of TraumaPlay™ helps young clients navigate their journey of healing with compassion and care.

What is TraumaPlay™?

TraumaPlay™ is a flexibly sequenced play therapy model developed to treat children and families impacted by traumatic events. It is based on the principles of trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), but adapted to be developmentally sensitive and suitable for young children. Utilizing the power of play, TraumaPlay™ allows children to express their experiences and feelings in a way that is comfortable and natural to them.

How does TraumaPlay™ Work?

TraumaPlay™ works by providing children with a safe and structured environment where they can use play to express feelings, tell their story, and reenact scenes related to their trauma. This helps children gain a sense of control and reduces symptoms of trauma, like anxiety, flashbacks, and difficulty concentrating.

In a typical TraumaPlay™ session, the therapist might incorporate games, art, drama, or storytelling. They guide the child through the therapy process, encouraging the child to gradually face their traumatic memories, develop coping strategies, and work towards healing.

Who can TraumaPlay™ Benefit?

TraumaPlay™ can benefit children who have experienced a wide range of traumatic events, such as physical or sexual abuse, natural disasters, accidents, loss of loved ones, or witnessing violence. It is designed for children and adolescents aged 3-12, but the principles can also be applied in working with older children and teenagers.

How can TraumaPlay™ Help you Reach your Goals?

Through TraumaPlay™, children can learn to understand and manage their emotions, develop healthier behaviors, improve self-esteem, and build stronger relationships. The therapy aids in processing trauma and reducing symptoms like anxiety, fear, and behavioral difficulties.

At Georgia Family Therapy, our skilled therapists guide each child through the TraumaPlay™ process with patience and empathy, providing the support they need to overcome their traumatic experiences. With this empowering therapy, we help children to move towards their therapeutic goals and ultimately towards a healthier, happier life. By embarking on this journey, each child can grow, heal, and continue their journey to resilience and personal transformation.

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